Southport Photographic Society Social Media Policy






Our core values: and the content with which you adhere to when posting or commenting on website and social media. We aim to protect the reputation and image of Southport Photographic Society.




The objects for which the Society is established are to advance the education of the public in the theory and practice of photography as an art and solely as ancillary thereto and in furtherance thereof:


  1. To organise and conduct public exhibitions of photographs, photographic art and apparatus.
  2. To acquire, collect and preserve for the public benefit examples of photography and photographic apparatus of historic and artistic interest and importance.
  3. By means of research, instruction, information, advice, lectures, publications, sources of reference and otherwise to collect and to make publicly available information concerning photography and photographic art apparatus and history.
  4. To do all such other things as are necessary for the furtherance of the objects aforesaid.




Post and comments should be based on the core value of the Society and also comply with the Data Protection Policy of the Society.  These platforms should not be used for the promotion of a member's personal business or services.


Group Administrative Members:


Website - Webmaster, Penny Price

Facebook Public Page and Members' Group - Sarah Thompson, Martin Gore, Dave Marshall, Geoff Ball, Michele Martin


Administrative Members and All Other Members:


Any posts or comments not relating to the core value of the Society must seek approval in writing from the Hon. Secretary of the Society.  No posts or comments should go on either the website or Facebook that could be considered: offensive, discriminatory, obscene, anything that could be considered sensitive or that is detrimental to the Society, it's image and reputation or that of its members, nor images or contents that we have not received the rights to.


All members are advised to always be polite, respectful and constructive in the postings and comments on  website and  social media sites.  Common sense and good judgement on the part of the member will in most instances ensure that only appropriate posts and comments are uploaded to website and social media sites.


General note


Southport Photographic society has a presence on social media site Facebook.  All members are free to join these pages.  If you join one of these sites, please note that providers of the social media platform Facebook have their own privacy policies and that the Society does not accept any responsibility or liability for these policies or the use of your personal data on them.  Please check Facebook policy before you join their platforms.