Preparation of Entries



An individual image may be used once in the Championship Competitions, once in the theme Panel Competition and once in one of the Set Subject Competitions.  An image that is so similar as to be almost identical to one already used is considered to be the same image even if the medium is changed.  If an image is considered offensive or unsuitable the Internal Competition Organiser may require the photographer to withdraw it.  Images should be correctly and clearly titled.  In the documentary and Natural History competitions titles must be accurate and specific to the subject matter.



Number of Entries


The maximum number of entries which may be submitted for the competitions is as follows:


  • Championships: two prints and two PDIs
  • Set Subject: two images per competition
  • Theme Panel: two sets of three prints
  • Audio Visual: three sequences no longer than 12 minutes.





Prints may be of any size in any photographic medium, but must be mounted on standard card, which may be of any colour.  Mounts must not exceed the preferred size of 50cm x 40 cm.


If a smaller mount is used it must not be less than 38cm on the longest side.  Overall thickness must not exceed 4mm.  To avoid damage to other prints when packed, adhesive tape, Velcro, or similar materials must not be exposed on the back of prints and the backing mount, if used, must be the same size as the front window mount.


Any prints not complying with these rules may be disqualified.



Projected Images


Projected Digital Images (PDIs) should be:


  • 1600 pixels horizontal x 1200 pixels vertical JPG files
  • sRGB mode, preferably with an sRGB colour profile


If images are smaller than this you may add a background to create a full size image other the club software will add a black background. For further information on how to size images please check out Image Sizing on our FAQs page.