Southport Photographic Society Health & Safety Policy


 In order to ensure the safety of members participating in the activities of the Society and the general public Southport PS, will so far as is reasonably practicable in each case within the resources of the Society: Ensure that appropriate provision is made to enable Southport PS to fulfil its health and safety obligations. Conduct its activities to minimise risks to members and the general public. Require all members, speakers and other visitors to co-operate and comply with the Health and Safety Policy in addition to discharging their own individual responsibilities for health and safety. Take all reasonable precautions for the safety of members, speakers and visitors to prevent bodily injury or damage and comply with all statutory regulations and regulations imposed by an authority. Ensure that if training or supervision is required for an activity arranged by a speaker or during a visit, the responsible person or organisation provides this. Hold meetings in premises which have suitable public liability insurance. Ensure that during meetings: All in attendance are aware of the fire evacuation procedure The space is adequate for the number of people Exits are kept clear of obstructions A register of people attending each event is kept Suitable seating is provided. Ensure that transport hired by the Society is maintained, insured and taxed appropriately for hire to other organisations by the vehicle owners. SPS encourages members to make suggestions for the improvement of health and safety policy. This policy will be reviewed annually.