Entering the Competition




  1. Contact the Internal Competitions Secretary for your website on-line entry details.
  2. Prepare your photographs (see Preparation of Entries).  Prints also need a 1600 x 1200 pixel jpeg digital image to upload to the website for projection during the competition judging.
  3. Log on to the SPS Website.
  4. Click on the COMPETITIONS tab.
  5. Click on Members Internal Competitions.
  6. Log on with your password.
  7. Click on the competition you wish to enter.
  8. Follow the instructions to upload your images.
  9. You can enter and change entries to all competitions from the beginning of the season to just before the deadline of each competition.
  10. For print entries, get your print competition entry numbers from the Internal Competition Secretary.
  11. Label your prints the entry number and print title on the back in the top left hand corner as viewed from behind with the correct orientation.


Flash Drive Structure


Where PDI and Print PDI are submitted via flash/USB drive they should be placed in the following folder structure.  The names of folders and image files should be as shown
















After The Competition

At the end of a competition evening members should collect their prints and/or Flash Drives and take them away.  With the permission of the author, certain prints may be retained for use in external competitions,  Digital versions of award winning images will be posted on the this website.