1. OVERVIEW A database of members' contact details is maintained by the Society. Care is taken to protect this information, as required by law and as set out in the steps below. 2. DATA PROTECTION ACTS The Data Protection Act of 1984 introduced a requirement that the holders of any computer database of personal information should register with the Information Commissioner, except Not For Profit Organisations such as Southport Photographic Society. The Data Protection Act of 1998 further extended these provisions to the duty of care in maintaining paper based records. 3. RECORDS HELD The records held on the database are: • Home address and telephone number. • Email address (if provided). • Photographic honours. • Photographic interests (if provided). • Year of initial membership of the Society. • Type of membership (Full, Family, Pensioner etc.) and current subscription paid. 4. USES MADE OF COMPUTER RECORDS The following are examples of usage that may be made of the computer data: • Printing of address labels for the distribution of newsletters and Syllabus programme. • Contact details provided, in print form, for Officers in need of such data e.g. • President • Secretary • Treasurer • Competition and Exhibition Secretaries • Membership details provided in electronic form to the Internal Competition • Circulation of news updates, club information etc. by email. L&CPU purposes • providing total club membership and entry to individual and club competitions. 5. CONFIDENTIALITY OF PERSONAL INFORMATION Personal membership data will never be passed on to any external organisation or individual, except as needed to maintain the affiliation with the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain and the Lancashire & Cheshire Photographic Union. Any member may check the accuracy of details held on the database at any time. they may also ask for contact details (e.g. telephone numbers or email addresses) to be changed or removed. Address and telephone details will be made available to Officers of the Society, but not normally to the general membership. A list of updated email addresses will be circulated at intervals within the membership by email, but only as an attached file to make the automatic harvesting of these addresses more difficult. All emails sent to the general membership will be sent blind carbon copy, to prevent the easy or automatic harvesting of email addresses. 6. CESSATION OF MEMBERSHIP If an individual membership lapses, general Society emails will continue to be circulated for six months after subscriptions become due. Additionally, the following year’s syllabus will be posted out to the address held on the Society database. Thereafter, data will be retained as dormant on the database in case the individual rejoins the Society. At any time, former members of the Society may request complete removal from the database. 7. POLICY REVIEW This policy will be reviewed regularly.


Southport Photographic Society Data Protection Policy