Audio Visual Detailed Requirements

A separate entry form is required for this competition.  This may be obtained from the Internal Competition Secretary and must be returned to him no later than the date shown in the syllabus.  Up to three sequences may be entered but, depending on the number of entries received, it may not be possible to judge more than one of these.  Sequences must be listed on the form in order of priority for showing.  Sequences entered must be on a CD (or memory stick) and the duration must not exceed 12 minutes.  It is permissible for the author's name to appear in the sequence (but this may render it ineligible for entry to certain national and international competitions).  All the photography must be the work of the entrant and any declared collaborators who must be members of the Society.  Copyright of all work must be at the disposal of the entrant who is responsible for obtaining the necessary licences or permissions to use material for which they do not hold the rights.


The winner of the competition will be awarded the Lingwood Cup